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Before and After Chest Binding

Chest binding is a common and basic need for those that prefers a flat/flatter chest. Mainly by Transgender men, Non-Binary folks and AFAB (assigned female at birth) folks that prefers a more masculine appearance, as well as Cisgender that presents a need for flatter chest. Fytist™ Binder is designed with functional and breathable material and aims for healthier compression to reach a flatter result.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The customer service is amazing. The binder came very quickly. The binder is so comfortable. I’m satisfied on how well made the binder is.
— Stephanie Bachman
Customer reviews
My son loves his binder! He has some sensory issues, but he say the material is great & he can't feel any of the seams when he is wearing it. It is great quality, very happy we will be ordering again
— Deborah Nicholas
Customer reviews
Perfect fit, very tight to get into but once on, this mf performs a miracle. I’ll be buying more, if you see this review make sure you purchase a size up from your T-shirt size !
— Shiloh B
Customer reviews
I love my chest binder!!!😍 It fits perfectly, thanks to the measurements guide. And for those who already have big pects and are worried that the binder will create an horizontal separation between the breasts and the pects; don't worry, it doesn't! The side profile is perfectly smooth!😁
— Alie
Customer reviews
This binder is for my child. I cant begin to tell u how relieved I am that this product works so well. The smile says it all and I am so grateful. Wish id found it earlier as its life changing. Thank u!
— Nina Leather