Burst Out Binding Stories Campaign 2022

Inspiring stories from our beloved friends have flown to us

Thank you all our lovely friends to celebrate our birthday with us.

Our little birthday wish of giving back to the community came true through this celebration campaign, which ended on Aug 28th.  In this ten days period, we received an incredible amount of stories from our lovely friends of the communities. As we read through the stories, the appreciation and recognition we received were what will fuel us on our journey of ever-improving. They are the affirmation of our mission and vision, which is that,

On this journey of becoming and finding your true self in the mirror of life, We're here to help, to listen along the way. 

These voices and stories, told from personal memories or by a loving parent, a close friend, or a loving partner, were so empowering and inspiring.

Some stories made us burst out into tears;

Some were filled with love and caring for the members of the community;

Some were straight-up chest binding experiences and tips, sharing the dos and don'ts about safe binding;

...... and there are so many more.

Stories about the "hot and cold relationship" with chest binder, along the way in the journey of becoming.

We extracted this essence message from the stories received,  which inspired us to share these stories and experiences (with consent) on our website and our social media account. Here is the first glimpse of the stories received, and don't forget to check back with us for more. 


"...When I bind, it doesn't make a difference to anyone but me... I can stand a bit straighter. I glow, a little...We have a hot and cold relationship, me and my binder. I love it until it disappoints me with what it can't do, I forget it until it surprises me with what it can. It's like an uncomfortable comfort blanket, I return to it in times of need. ....But I tell myself, this how my body interacts with a piece of clothing, and it's ok. It's a tool, like the many other tools we use and make for ourselves, that I can better use to live in the world. When I bind, it doesn't make a difference to anyone but me..."


"I am a proud mama of a Agender kiddo :) who has spent most of their preteen/teen years walking around hunched over hiding their breasts. Feeling like they were born into the wrong body but not sure what that meant...Upon my own research I was brought to tears reading stories all over the internet...So I made the purchase :) it was by far the best decision! now that they are comfortable in their own skin.They walk taller, speak bolder and shine brighter. I’m grateful for your product. Thank you for helping my baby along their journey, your company is truly making a difference in peoples lives."


"I grew up in a conservative religious country. I m non-binary but ofc didn't know that back then. All I knew is that my body was changing in ways that felt to me weird and alienating....My chest had become a social curse and I struggled every day to not lose my self esteem and confidence. Fast forward some 20 years later, I m in a different country, with my same sex partner...Wish that no young person will go through the dysphoric nightmare and social isolation that I went through. Our lives are too precious to be lived in fear of our bodies."

Every story is magical and inspiring in its telling, and every journey of searching and becoming is empowering. By sharing these valuable messages with you, we hope to inspire, help, or provide a safe place for those in need. The campaign may have ended, but the sharing and caring won't. 

we are never alone along the way.

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