This is a Journey to Find a Coherent Balance.

At Fytist, we may not advocate "flattening" being a chest binder's sole and core purpose. Instead, we are firm believers in designing a comfortable and safe binder, and we are aware that binding, for some, is like a journey to find a balance between flatness and health, body and mind.

Better Comfort & Looking Flat

The breasts are primarily fat and mammary glands, which can't physically be reduced through restraint or compression. But only via top surgery or caused by traumatic injury.

Fytist, as a responsible brand for chest binders, instead of just pursuing a flattened result, we are devoted in the design concept of unique binding structure, and carefully selected fabrics, to ensure a comfortable and less painful binding experience.

Proper Breathing is a Must

When you are breathing, the chest cavity is expanding and contracting with the lung lobes. High pressure and stiffness on the chest limit the cavity expansion, reducing lung capacity for breathing, making people feel chest tightness, discomfort, and pain when breathing. That’s why we need a breathable chest binder.

Fytist avoid using 100% stiff and pressuring fabrics on the front fabric panel. Instead, our chest binders' front panel adapts partially elastic fabrics to allow more space for our lungs to breathe properly without excessive constraints.

Healthier Back and Posture

Standard commercial chest binders have too much pressure on the front chest, disrupting the balance between muscles and bones. Such disruption would cause back, abdomen, and shoulder pain after a longer period of time. These body pains should not be ignored or “endured”, because over time, the body will try to counter the pain, and as a result causing posture problem, muscle atrophy, even bone deformation or fracture.

The Fytist chest binders are designed with balanced pressure on the wearers' upper torso, avoiding balanced pressure leading to hurting one's body. Reducing back pain and series of problems caused by bad posture when chest binding.

The unique structure design and fabric construction of Fytist's chest binder ensures excellent flattening results and helps to maintain a good posture. Achieving a truly comfortable and breathable chest binder product.

Compound-layer Fabric Design

The Fytist binders' compound-layer fabric design achieves the coherence balance between body shaping while minding your body's wellbeing. The compound-layer design provides elasticity for proper breathing, optimal sweat-wicking, fewer constraints on chest tissues while achieving chest flattening shaping purpose.

4-way Stretch

FytSkin™ Promises freedom of movement, made possible by the feature of 4-way stretch & recovery across the fabric and lengthwise. Such advantage means greater freedom of motion and durability on the garment. Allows the body to experience unrestricted motions and fewer constraints on the body.

Hexawick Boosted Sweat-wicking

HexaWick™ is soft and lightweight, breathable, and has excellent absorbent. HexaWick™ possesses good water vapor as well as liquid moisture transmission properties for providing clothing comfort, enabling Fytist shapewear the ability to take up moisture from the skin and transmit it to the atmosphere.

X-balance Compression

The X-Balance is a criss-cross band on the back that improves posture by balancing the pressure between the front chest and the back. Wearers would maintain an excellent straight posture, no hunched back, and drastically reduce back pain from long hours of chest binding.