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Fytist Style What Chest Binder Should I Get ?

If you are obsessed with what chest binder should I get? You could let your body decide which would be the most comfortable Fytist binder to get, and start your chest binder journey with Fytist by knowing the style first.

Fytist Chest binder Styles

Regular Tank Chest Binder

Fytist Regular Tank Chest Binder has a slightly longer compression panel with extended bottom fabric panel, perfect if you need tucking in.

Regular Half Chest Binder

Fytist Regular Half Chest Binder is a popular style that leaves the bottom half of your torso free. It provides an aesthetic difference, especially valuable if you like to wear crop tops.

Racerback Chest Binder

Fytist Racerback Chest Binder has wider armholes allow more freedom and movements. Also great for folks with board shoulders.

Fytist Regular Tank Chest Binder

For Big Chest

We suggest going for a Fytist tank top chest for people who have a big chest. And there is a plus-size chest binder (XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL,6XL) that might fit your sizing.


Fytist Racerback Chest Binder

For Small Chest

We recommend the Fytist Half Binder. Also, if you live in a warm climate, or the binder is for the coming summer season, a half binder may be more breezy and cooling.


fytist racerback chest binder

For Active People

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