Our Story

Mission Statement

Binding should not be categorized, it is an essential and fundamental need for some. However, we have learnt that this basic need is significantly undervalued. Rooted from here and combining our specialty in compression garment fabric industry and professional shapewear design background, we dedicated ourselves to creating the Fytist Collections, a better designed, approachable and health focused compressive product line.


Cathy (She/Her)

Our co-owner Cathy, calls herself the biggest fan of the Fytist Binder collection. Being a petite cis woman with a D cup figure, she has been troubled by her body, including unwanted attention and awkwardness when moving about. After years of failing to find a binder that fits, she decided to team up with Wes and Vincent, and with her extensive background in managing for Sportswear Industry Supply Chain, the Fytist binder series was brought to live.


Wes (He/Him)

Wes is one of our co-founders at the Fytist United Family and a proud gay man. He specializes in Marketing and Business Development. Being an active member of the LGBTQ+ community, he is devoted to making any possible beneficial changes for the members of the community. His belief in the Fytist collection is providing a product line that is both functional and health focused.


Vincent (He/Him)

Vincent, co-founder and the master mind behind the product development for all Fytist Collection products, was motivated by his cousin, who has suffered from syndromes caused by unsafe binding and poorly designed binders. He owns years of expertise in compression garment and fabric industry.
When Vincent is not running between factories and PD team, he is always enjoying his time with his lovely wife and cute baby daughter.

Our Partners

Shawnie (She/Her)

Shawnie’s main role at Fytist is Social Media, and she helps with anything relating to getting the Fytist message and products out to the market. She said that by joining the Fytist United Family, she finally gets to really walk the talk in contributing and engaging in the welfare awareness in LGBTQ+ community. Her other true passions include cooking a delicious meal for her family and her Fiancé, Nicola.

Ecco (She/Her)

Ecco works behind the scenes as head of Customer Service at the Fytist. While being a minimalist in her personal life, she prides herself in her thorough and earnest services to our valued customers.
She wears Fytist binder on special occasions and dressing herself up with full confidence that it does not trigger her respiratory issue.

Dou Dou (He/Him)

Dou Dou is our Chief Designer (as well as our nerdy tech support), He has an unconventional curiosity in everything alternative, from music to movie, from culture to literature. He is also passionate about animations.