The Essential Fytist Chest Binder Sizing Guide

Avoid the pitfalls when selecting your size.


Avoid these misconceptions when deciding on the binder sizing

Fytist's easy three-steps guide helps you measure accurately

Attentive customer service to ensure you get timely help with sizing

Here's what most people think about chest binding:

• The tighter the breasts are compressed, the flatter they get.
Then, why bother finding the right size binder? Just go for a smaller chest binder size.

• At least one negative symptom caused by binding is inevitable:
such as chest tissue problems or sensory issues, body ache, skin irritations, and trouble breathing.

If you're in a similar situation, please note that you don't have to suffer from it, but can have a wellness-binding experience instead.

1. Breasts are never physically shrunk by binding

Studies have shown that breast tissues are primarily fat and mammary glands, which can't physically be reduced through restraint or compression. But only via top surgery or caused by traumatic injury.

2. A flattening look is what you truly want, not how tight they are.

Changing the shape of your breasts in terms of appearance and wearing comfort is all that matters for everyday wear.

Applying the proper pressure to the breasts can provide a pectoral-like appearance, adjusting and holding them in the appropriate position.

Designing the Fytist binder is rooted in this concept.a unique binder structure, and carefully selected stretchy fabrics, you can ensure comfortable wearing, healthy skin, and less pain.

The size of the Fytist binder matters - it affects how quickly you experience the effect of the style, which is based on engineers' thorough analysis of chest size, body shape, and compression factors.

3. That snugly feeling after putting on a fit-size Fytist binder: “Hold” instead of “Tighten”"

We define our "hold" as a comfortable hug or warm embrace. Try and imagine being in "a tight hug" for hours. It would likely cause breathing trouble and simply uncomfortable.

A recent study* states that a comfortable compression level could be, in certain situations, a positive factor and unlikely to cause physical harm.

In short:

Never size down to achieve the flattened result.
Never select your binder size based only on your regular top or sports bra size. Chest binders are tight-fitting and compressive clothing.
Never make a binder purchase without chest size measurements because you will not get your desired results from an ill-fitting chest binder.


Weakley, J., Broatch, J., O'Riordan, S. et al. Putting the Squeeze on Compression Garments: Current Evidence and Recommendations for Future Research: A Systematic Scoping Review. Sports Med 52, 1141-1160 (2022)

Fytist's easy three-step guide helps you find the fit binder size for your body shape.

STEP 1: Bust Measurement(A)

Start the tape at the fullest part of your breast to measure your bust, typically where the nipples are. Then wrap the tape around your body and end at the starting point. Always ensure the measuring tape is leveled against your body. Breathe calmly and stand up straight during the measurement; this provides a more accurate bust measurement.

STEP 2: Shoulder Measurement(B)

This measurement is essential for those with broader shoulders.

Start by finding the highest points of your shoulders (where your arm meets your shoulder). Use a tape measure to get the length between the two points. The tape measure should be placed along the back of your neck, with the line running from peak to peak.

STEP 3: Choose the correct size from the Fytist sizing chart

• If A (bust) is bigger than B, please go ahead and pick the Fytist binder size based on your bust measurement.,

• If A (bust) is smaller than B, after finding your Fytist binder size based on your bust measurement, please add one size up.

• If you are between sizes (e.g., your bust measurement is 92cm/36in and fits M or L) - always go with the larger size because it is easier on your chest to adjust to the binding, especially for first-timers.

Fytist Binder Style Differences

Sizing Example:

Model: Lichi (She/Her)

A( Bust measurement): 83cm/32.7in

B (Shoulder width x2 ): 43cm/16.9in (x2 = 86cm/33.9in)

Based on her bust measurement, she could have chosen a size S. However, since her shoulder width is larger than her bust, a size M is Lichi's best choice.

Fytist Bust Binder Size Chart

S 30-34in
3XL 42-44in
M 34-36in
4XL 44-47in
L 36-38in
5XL 47-52in
XL 38-40in
6XL 52-57in
2XL 40-42in

Attentive customer service to ensure you get timely help with sizing.

Even with extensive research, finding a suitable binder can take a bit of experimentation. You may feel tight and uncomfortable in a new binder, but the binder will stretch a bit after wearing it and fit you better. (If this is your first-time binding, we suggest staying home for at least 5 hours before going out).

If you have trouble choosing the right size or style or are unsure of any information above, please email us ( your measurements for advice. We are happy to help.

To ensure you find your proper sizing, we offer a 30days* free return and exchange guarantee (*within 30 days after delivery). If it doesn't fit, feel free to let us know.